My first recoded Tea Meditation

CLICK THIS LINK to watch Jessica’s first recoded tea meditation on youtube


Hello friends! I have had this idea of recording guided tea meditations for years but I haven’t had the balls to just record one and share it yet. I plan to record them professionally with nice background music but I want to get some feedback now to see if this is even something people would be into. This is just a rough draft but please let me know what you think.
We all know that there are many benefits of a daily meditation practice but most of us, including myself, have trouble making time to sit and tune in for even 5 minutes a day. However, most of us do make the time to drink a cup of coffee, tea or Jahmu in the morning. What if we turned this habit into a life changing ritual!? What if mindfully drinking a warm beverage in the morning made it easier for you to eat mindfully, work mindfully, speak mindfully, be more focused, attract what you want, heal your body and manifest your dreams!?

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