Gratitude Meditation

A daily meditation practice can increase your happiness, hone your focus and improve your health. Despite the growing body of scientific research on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices, most Americans do not incorporate meditation into their daily lives. However, most Americans do drink coffee, tea or water in the mornings. Turning the or coffee time into a meditation is a great way to begin incorporating mindfulness into your life. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this month’s tea meditation is focused on cultivating gratitude.

  1. Make a cup of Jahmu or any other type of tea, coffee or warm water. Let it cool to a drinkable temperature.
  2. Sit in a comfortable seat and hold you cup of tea in both hands.
  3. Take a few deep breaths, relax your hips and allow your tailbone to root into the earth. Lift your heart slightly, relax your shoulders and feel your spine lengthen as you breathe into your belly.
  4. Bring your awareness to you cup of tea and feel its warmth radiating through your hands and into your heart. Feel the love and energy from your heart flowing through your arms and hands into the cup. Imagine you are about to drink a magical cup of liquid sunshine that can transform you from the inside out, healing, cleansing, awaking every cell in your body.
    Cultivate a feeling of gratitude for this specific cup of tea. Why are you grateful for this cup of tea and for this moment of relaxation? As you take your first sip, feel the gratitude flowing down your throat, into your belly and spreading throughout your whole body.
  5. With each sip of tea think of something or someone you are grateful for. Really feel the gratitude in your body. If you want to heal a part of your body, practice being grateful for the parts of your body that are healthy. If you want to manifest abundance, feel grateful for all the wealth that you already have. If you want to feel more love and connection, feel grateful for all the people in your life and send them love. Maybe even think of a challenging situation in your life or a person with whom you are struggling with and try to find some aspect of that situation that you are truly grateful for. Why are you grateful for ….? Feel it in you body!
  6. Practicing gratitude is a great way to increase your happiness and to feel more connected and whole. When you are finished, thank your cup for holding the magical liquid. Thank yourself for taking the time to practice this meditation, and allow yourself to continue this practice throughout the day while you walk, drive, eat, work and play!

Stay tuned for more guided meditations!




Harness the power of liquid intention!


Jessica Filkins, founder of Jahmu PBC has started an exciting new project: guided tea meditations! Tea Meditations aim to turn the routine habit of drinking beverages into a ritual or meditation by curating and offering guided meditations that one can practice while drinking a beverage of one’s choice. Tea Meditations promote mindfulness through connecting with the intention of your actions.


The Tea Meditation project is based on the hypothesis that taking time to drink your tea, coffee or other warm beverage in the morning with awareness and intention will help you to be more present and mindful during other activities throughout the day. This may correlate with making better food choices and finding deeper enjoyment in daily life.


Despite the growing body of scientific studies proving the physical and mental health benefits of meditation, most people in the US do not take the time to meditate every day. However, most of us DO drink coffee, tea or atleast water every single morning. This habit can easily be transformed into a powerful ritual though the practice of tea mediations.


The tea meditation project will soon offer an free app with inapp purchase options of professionally recorded guided tea meditations. These meditations will be led by variety of yoga teachers and healers and will have resonate background music. Each recording will have a different focus, for example; heal your tummy meditations, manifest abundance meditation, clear your mind meditation, let go of of fear meditation, balance your chakras meditation, ext.


You can get a sneek peek as some of Jessica’s original tea meditations on the website or the facebook page Jessica hopes that the tea meditation project will bring love, light, health and happiness to everyone who chooses to practice.


Try this tea meditation on you own!

  1. Make a cup of tea (or warm water with lemon)
  2. Sit in a peaceful place
  3. Take a few moments to ground yourself, become aware of the thoughts in your mind and the feelings in your body and connect with your breath.
  4. Bring your awareness to your cup of tea and notice the warmth, the smell, and the feeling it emits.
  5. Set an intention for drinking this cup of tea. Are you drinking it to improve your health, to enjoy the taste, to calm you mind? You can even get creative and imagine this tea is a magical elixir that can transform you in any way you desire 😉
  6. For your first sip or two just pay attention to the feelings and sensations of the warm liquid in your mouth and notice it passing down your throat into your stomach as if you were drinking liquid sunshine.
  7. For you next 3 sips think of 3 things you are grateful for in your life. Feel the gratitude with each sip.
  8. For you next 3 sips think of 3 things you would like to happen today and imagine those experience occurring with every sip. For example what would make today great? For example, imagine yourself finishing a project you want to complete, getting a flattering compliment, doing a fun activity with a friend or finishing a good workout or yoga class.
  9. For the next 3 (or more) sips do a “I am …” affirmation with each sip. For example I am healthy, I am focused, I am beautiful, I am wealthy I am graceful…ext. Really feel each sip bringing the energy of the affirmation into you body and feel it radiating out from your belly.
  10. As you finish your tea comeback to any of these positive feelings or thoughts and imagine that tea inside your belly will attract to you these desired events to you  throughout the day. Feel full of gratitude, love, and light.


My first recoded Tea Meditation

CLICK THIS LINK to watch Jessica’s first recoded tea meditation on youtube


Hello friends! I have had this idea of recording guided tea meditations for years but I haven’t had the balls to just record one and share it yet. I plan to record them professionally with nice background music but I want to get some feedback now to see if this is even something people would be into. This is just a rough draft but please let me know what you think.
We all know that there are many benefits of a daily meditation practice but most of us, including myself, have trouble making time to sit and tune in for even 5 minutes a day. However, most of us do make the time to drink a cup of coffee, tea or Jahmu in the morning. What if we turned this habit into a life changing ritual!? What if mindfully drinking a warm beverage in the morning made it easier for you to eat mindfully, work mindfully, speak mindfully, be more focused, attract what you want, heal your body and manifest your dreams!?